Office Partitions Op – 58


Color and size of this office furniture can be customize and delivered anywhere in the Philippines.

Contact or email us for price inquiry or if you need quotation for a different size or specification.

We’ll be very glad to negotiate the best price



2 Pax: L- type Bracketed on Partition
(2)Main table: 1500mm L x 600mm D x 750mm Ht
Side : 1200mm W x 450mm D x 750mm Ht
25 mm thick table top
18 mm thick cabinet carcass

46.8mm thk. Aluminum trims Powder coated fin
Office Partition: 300mm Ht Glass+ 2 tone fabric fin.
With (4) Office Partition: 1200mm L x 1200mm Ht.

Office Partition: 2 tone fabric fin.
With (3) Office Partition: 600mm L x 1500mm Ht.
With (2) Office Partition: 450mm L x 1200mm Ht.
With (4) Office Partition: 750mm L x 1500mm Ht.

With over head swing door cabinet: (2) 600mm L x 300mm D x 400mm Ht
With (2) grommet
With side cabinet: swsing door type + 1 drawer 450mm L x 450mm D x 1200mmHt.

Chair not included



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