For most freelancers, the work-from-home situation is not the new normal. It is an intensified version of their everyday schedules, where the option to step out for overpriced designer coffee is not longer an option. It takes a certain type of discipline to be able to to get out of bed or peel away from current Netflix series to get productive. This is most especially true when the line between work and rest is a mere five feet away or less.

How do you enhance productivity and harness creativity while cooped up at home for days on end? Having worked as a freelance writer and consultant for several years, I’ve always found that getting far away from my bed is the first step to ticking off my long to-do list. The simple act of making my bed, jumping in the shower and getting dressed (and out of my jammies), signals my mind and body to get on work mode.

A space that’s dedicated for work is key to being productive, especially during lockdown. One of the main reasons for this is that this sense of structure keeps you from being distracted about which items to work on first. Reasons for setting up a home office will more or less run parallel to the countless reasons why you should avoid bring work into your bedrooms. Not only does this disrupt focus and productivity, it also messes with your sleep.

A home office that inspires creativity is easy. It is also a great way to utilize quarantine time. Start with these basic guidelines and infuse them with your own personal style.


Pick a spot. Ideally, your home office should be quiet, well lit and have good air circulation. Place your desk near windows or by the balcony or terrace so you get enough natural light. A good view from this spot is also always the best source of inspiration. Make sure that your work area is also within close proximity with power outlets so that you can easily charge gadgets like your laptops, tables and smartphones.