Open Workspaces Vs. Cubicles – What Is The Difference?

What are the open workspaces?

An open office is typically defined as bench systems where employees sit next to each other and work without a getaway. Open offices have extremely low dividers or no barriers at all. Office designed in such a way is cost-effective as long tables require less space and accommodate more people and are also less costly than Cubicles. The Open office removes any negligence, and employees are always on the watch. An open office also keeps people more productive and accountable as there is a motivating force that they know anyone can see what you are doing. In an open office, you are likely to interact less with your colleagues, and there are also fewer chances of arguments among employees. With the removal of physical barriers means there is encouragement in socializing and cooperation.

What are cubicles?

Cubicles are partitioned sections that may take more space but allow each employee to have their own little space. The height of the walls of cubicles is 4 to 6 feet average. The employees can decorate the walls with their family pictures or make a spot for known affiliations. The cubicles also provide more privacy to the employees, and they sucked the sound, which in turn increased focus. The cubicles have a big advantage; that is, you can go unnoticed, which gives way to personal distractions or leisure while in the office hours.

Downsides of open workspaces and cubicles

Both the designs have their own disadvantages, which are discussed below:

Open workspace layout

One basic problem in open workspaces is the lack of privacy, which is a big problem and difficult to obtain in open office space. Open spaces offices can be noisier or sometimes chaotic than cubicles. Phone conversations or conversations between employees will be overheard easily and can also lead to distraction and lessened productivity. Sickness and infections can also spread at a faster rate. Employees may feel uncomfortable being in close quarters with coworkers, and taking confidential or family members’ calls may become difficult. Security is reduced in an open space office, and with no lockable doors as they have in cubicles would lead to such risks and issues that the company may not be in the favor to face. Lighting, heating, and air-conditioning can also become difficult to achieve as everyone has a different taste.


Cubicle office layout

Interactions among employees may be hindered in a cubicle setup. The walls that provide privacy may limit the social interaction sometimes.In a cubicle setup an employee may feel isolated or depressed. The cubicle layout can make the employees uncomfortable because of the less space in the cubicle they wander around in the office and may cause distractions. There may also be difficulty assessing with team members in cubicles, and it also requires more space for cubicle office setup. There can also be a controlled spread of sickness and infections throughout the office with a cubicle layout.


These are some of the pros and cons of open office spaces and cubicle layout offices. QUEENS ART AND TRENDS CORP is a known name in office furniture, not only in the Philippines but anywhere else also. They can also accommodate customization according to your preferences. 


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