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Don’t wait until everyone is vaccinated to future-proof your office. By then, it will be too late to make the impactful decisions that will encourage your employees to return to work. Instead, now is the time to carefully consider what options make the most sense for your business, commercial space, and bottom line.

Not everyone will feel comfortable with an immediate return to work. With safety, productivity, and employee well-being top of mind, you’ll find happy and motivated people back at their desks.


4 Ways to Mindfully Future-Proof Your Office

1. Introduce Ergonomic Office Furniture

Suppose your company hasn’t invested in ergonomic chairs and workstations. If that’s the case, it’s time to bite the bullet.

Seventy percent of people sit at work, and the havoc wreaked on their bodies from excessive “chair-living” is commonplace. Many suffer from coronary disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses due to this sedentary lifestyle. With ergonomic workplaces, employees will stand, move, and even take breaks more often. The benefits include better posture, increased blood flow, and decreased fatigue. Future-proof your office by investing in employee satisfaction and long-lasting wellness.


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2. Make the Most of Square Footage

Whether your office is small or large, be smart about how you use the space. Office furniture that maximizes the square footage like custom modular workstations can include ergonomic sit-to-stand desks and bright colors.

Fabricated in various shapes, such as curved, semi-orbit, and dogbone, modern modular furniture uses cleanable non-porous materials such as laminates, acrylics, marker board, and social distancing barriers.

If your commercial space is large enough to accommodate hotdesking, future-proof your office with sophisticated cubicles and acoustic pod touchdown spaces, and exceptional laptop tables. Employees do some of their best work with just a change in scenery.


3. Increase Level of Technology

What could be more essential to future-proofing your office than better technology? Invest in more dependable equipment and modernize all your outdated systems. How many companies had to face the hard cold fact that their technology couldn’t keep up with their remote needs during Covid-19?

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If your workplace isn’t well-suited for complicated IT solutions, look for alternatives. For example, Connectrac’s floor-mounted wire system allows for easier wiring that delivers data and power cabling without the need for core drilling or power trenching. Make space for a dedicated video conference room, and commit to workstations and meeting rooms that are enabled to support a range of technology solutions.


4. Be Flexible

We’ve all had to acclimate to a very different way of living, socializing, and working. And it turns out that humans are exceptionally adaptable. When it comes to future-proofing your office, flexibility will be crucial.

There will be employees who continue to prefer remote work, and where possible, management should work with them. The same goes for families with childcare needs. Other workers are better suited to a 10 am – 6 pm schedule. If it makes sense for your company, promote employee satisfaction and productivity by having more flexible hours. Studies have shown that the wide-open office hasn’t worked for everyone. Create areas for those employees who need a quiet space for deep work.

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We don’t see these future-proofing ideas as whimsical trends. They’re practical suggestions your company can take before it opens its doors to a workforce that may both be hesitant and excited about coming back to the office. The truth is, we want to reconnect with our colleagues, but a few thoughtful incentives will make the transition much sweeter for them and you.

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