How to Choose Accent Chair?

How to Choose Accent Chair_

Whenever the thought of enhancing your living room design strikes your mind, choosing an accent chair probably is the most important part of decision-making. We all are familiar with the importance of accent chairs in the room. Accent chairs offer an additional seating solution and add a wow factor to your room. Nowadays, this kind of chair is available in a wide variety of styles and designs that attract the customers’ eyeballs and lead them to say a big yes to it.

When it comes to buying an accent chair, Philippines, an individual has to consider several factors, including its style, comfort, size, color, budget, etc., that can enhance the decor and bring those welcoming vibes that every homeowner strives for. With the above line, you can imagine how important and challenging it is to choose the accent chair. Right? Let’s discuss this topic in detail and help you find the ideal accent chair to suit your needs. 

Below, we have discovered a few points that will make choosing an accent chair a fun game. 

Compliment Other Home Decor

Choosing the accent chair sometimes can be hectic, especially when you want the right one that could match the decor. If you want to create a focus of attention in your room, it’s important to pick the statement piece that could blend in with the other furniture in your room without being odd and catching everyone’s attention. You can go for several options. You can pick an accent chair with an organic and flowing shape to tone with your living room decor and furniture. For example, a sweeping chair is undoubtedly the best option to give your room a graceful look. You can try something a bolder, sharper frame in metallics in an accent chair for the modern appeal. Such ideas will genuinely transform the entire look of your room. 

Add a Right Piece to the Chair

Take your accent chair styling to another level, complementing it with a unique statement piece like a small decorative table. Or you can pair your chair with a floor or pole lamp that will look perfect and raise the bar of perfection and style. A single chair standing alone in the space is not just enough. It is good to increase its beauty with some pillow or throw, lamp, a big basket, or other things. 

Pick the Right Color

Color also plays a significant role in enhancing your decor and complements the mood you want to capture in a room. While picking the right color of accent chair, you can pull together a color palette, matching your chairs with other decor items. An accent chair is one of the big sizes of decor elements. Hence, it also helps in establishing the color scheme. 

If you want to give a raw texture or refreshing feel to your space, prefer choosing an accent chair in greys, whites, browns, or blacks, whereas solid and natural fabric easily helps your chair blend in with another piece of furniture. Greens and brows bring a comfortable feel, and gold adds a hint of mystery. Every color in the palette has its own role in your decor. So, choose wisely! 

Patterns are a Great Option

If you want to try something unique with your seating solution, this time, try a pattern accent chair. A cheeky pattern chair brings a spark to your space, increasing its overall appeal. You can go for a floral print pattern that is known for revitalizing the neutral space. While choosing patterns, make sure it doesn’t look weird with the color scheme and overall theme of your living room decor. If you want to include multiple matters or patterns in the space, you should first read the guide to know where to start and how to level up your space’s decor. 


All these factors are highly important to keep in mind while choosing an accent chair. After all, your space should own the welcoming vibes, and this accent chair can help you do this. So, what are you waiting for? Start your accent chair shopping with Queens Arts & Trends Corp. today, where you can discover stylish and affordable furniture for your home.

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