Revamping the Traditional Conference Room

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Does your corporate office need a revamped conference room? Traditional conference rooms emphasized hierarchy and a top-down management approach that encouraged obedience rather than lateral thinking. However, modern businesses need to encourage every team member to present their ideas both to increase productivity and ensure the retention of the best talent. This requires more open and contemporary conference rooms that provide latitude for unconventional thinkers and encourage creativity.


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Outstanding Tables
Glass and chrome conference tables provide a contemporary look and encourage openness. The glass topped conference tables allow in light and create a physical feeling of openness. These tables can be mixed with stylized chairs that are comfortable and formal. Using glass topped conference tables in your corporate office can help convey a message of openness to new ideas that can be profitable.

StrongProject’s conference tables that blend traditional arabesque designs with strong, clean contemporary lines ensure that those at the meeting are aware of the need to preserve the best traditions of the business even as they seek new paths.

Re-Define Conference “Room”
Another way to encourage new ideas to surface at the corporate office is to provide the space for informal meetings and conferences. These alternative conference areas can be designed to ensure that various employees, even from different teams, can talk shop over a cup of coffee or exchange ideas and brainstorm problems in a cheerful atmosphere. StrongProject offers various seating arrangements that can double up as informal conference tables.

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Add Color and Texture
The alternative conference tables provided by Queens Arts and Trends encourage informal interaction that can produce elegant and innovative solutions on a one-to-one basis. These conference areas provide color and texture to the office space without compromising on essentials such as a table for the laptop or a large screen for projections. This system provides the necessary informality to reduce stress and allow salient ideas to surface, while providing the infrastructure to enable an in-depth discussion.

Add Flexibility
Queens Arts and Trends also recognizes the need for conference rooms to be flexible. These conference room options provide a degree of privacy for groups of various strengths while also ensuring that the vital infrastructure such as a large screen is available. These flexible and private conference rooms can double up as informal guest seating spaces or informal meeting places when the more formal needs are met. This maximizes the utilization of space and ensures that employees and clients are not crushed into cubicles.

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Streamline Your Space, Streamline Your Productivity
Many businesses have realized that productivity can be enhanced by doing away with traditional, sit-down conferences. A conference room that encourages employees to stand or lean back can help keep meetings short and effective. Many employees will be motivated to attend meetings that are likely to be short and productive. Queens Arts and Trendst offers special alternative conference room solutions that can meet these objectives of businesses.

Queens Arts and Trends offers businesses a way to revamp their conference rooms to ensure that employees become more productive and meetings are absolutely places for new ideas to be discussed.

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