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“Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day…”
—Peter Gibbons, Office Space

If you remember a little movie called “Office Space,” you remember the hated and impersonal cubicle. Drab and ubiquitous, unless you were an executive, your office space was within the confines of a lifeless cubicle, and chances are you relate to Peter Gibbons.

Times have changed in more ways than one. As for office design and workplace furniture, the cubicle is back, and with its sleek, modern look and exceptional functionality, you’ll never compare it to anything that reminds you of TPS reports, red staplers, or jammed printers.

Why Cubicles Now?

Because of the news that vaccines will be available sooner than we anticipated, we can expect to open office doors soon. Safely managing the workplace is imperative and a priority for everyone. Office cubicles keep employees safely distanced with privacy and cleanable surfaces, qualities that will mirror the advantages of working from home (WFH). 

clear screen curved workstation

Forward-thinking Commercial Real Estate Managers may opt for hotdesking, coworking, or shared space solutions for the post-Covid workplace. Innovative office cubicles make excellent use of various floorplans and solve social distancing concerns for current returning workers and office nomads.

Our way of living is changed forever. Therefore, employers who recognize the post-Covid reality and prepare by installing and upgrading workspaces in advance will reap the benefits. 

Cubicle Options

“Cubicle farms” are passe. Previously, they were gray with tall panels that you couldn’t look over or around, making collaboration impossible. The modern cubicle is a vibrant and uplifting addition to the office. With styles ranging in configurations, colors, layouts, and customizable details and finishes, we have whatever you and your employees need to get the job done efficiently and safely at Queens Arts and Trends.

High Wall Workstation

This private office cubicle solution is 72 inches high. Outfitted with a sit-stand desk, this workstation comes equipped with

shielding if someone were to cough or sneeze. It has easily cleanable components made of laminate, acrylic, and marker board. Highly functional and desirable, the cubicle’s optional interior fabric tack panels are bleach-cleanable. 

Call Center Cubicle

This stylish height-adjustable workstation system is customizable with laminate side panels, acrylic up-mounts, as well as frontal acoustic felt dividers and acrylic up-mounts. Additionally, all heights of the laminate dividers and acrylic up-mount screens are customizable. Lastly, you can incorporate requisite power/USB desktop chargers into the height-adjustable desktop as well as monitor arms. 

workstation red acrylic screen

Dogbone Workstation

An innovative dogbone design offers exceptional features for the post-Covid world. With transparent protective screens, workers can practice both social distancing and collaboration. These modern cubicle side divider options include either a desk-mounted screen or mobile screen, both of which provide shielding at 24 inches above the desktop. And, the workstation’s components are easily cleanable materials such as laminate, acrylic, and marker board.

dogbone design workstation cubicle

We think Queens Arts and Trends collection of modern cubicles will inspire and excite you to design for the future and get back to work. Take a look at the remainder of our selection on our website

Now is the perfect time to reimagine the office, and Queens Arts and Trends has been at the forefront of the creative journey. Sensible and beautiful trends in workplace furniture abound, and they are anything but boring. As you prepare for the office hum to return, don’t miss the opportunity to make the most of your commercial space. Above all, invest in the future of your business and its most valuable asset—your people.



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