Lounge Tables Your Office Needs

When planning an office lounge, tables are one of the most important things you’ll need. Lounges can serve many different purposes, from relaxation to team discussions, and regardless of what a lounge is being used for, tables play an important role in helping people accomplish what they need to do. Not sure which types of tables are right for your space? Here are a few of our favorite types of lounge tables.

A Bassline Table is in the middle of an office lounge with a Bivi Rumble Seat and Campfire Poufs placed around it.Tables That Make a Statement

A great coffee table can serve as a striking centerpiece for a lounge, anchoring your space and naturally inviting people to come together, in addition to meeting a functional need. Office Tables bring elegant, modern style to any lounge area with a design that can be personalized to fit your space and to suit your decor. These tables are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and finish options.

An individual lounge created with a Campfire Screen, Campfire Half Lounge, Campfire Skate Table, and Campfire Footrest.

Convenient Personal Tables

Even when a lounge has a central coffee table, other types of tables can be added to better support varying styles of work. For example, when people are using their laptops or are taking notes, a personal table may be more comfortable to use than a coffee table. Center Tables both have a low-profile base that can fit underneath a lounge sofa or chair. Their compact, lightweight design makes these tables easy to rearrange as needed.

A man and a woman sitting on a Campfire Big Lounge Seat with a plaid pattern and a Brown Campfire Half Lounge Seat writing on a Campfire Paper TableTables That Multitask

Office lounges are much more than a place to take a break — they’re a place where big ideas can begin. When teams head to lounge spaces to collaborate, having a writing surface available that everybody can see helps make it easier to brainstorm and share ideas. Queens Arts and Trends Tables feature a writable surface that’s ready for anybody to use when inspiration strikes.

Two Campfire Ottomans in different colors are placed next to two Campfire Slim Tables.

Versatile Side Tables

Since office lounges are used for so many different purposes, it’s important to have tables that are just as versatile. Queens Arts and Trends Slim Tables deliver high functionality in a sleek, compact design. With their built-in electrical outlets, people can use work on them for as long as they need to without ever having to search around for a way to plug in their devices. The built-in outlets also make them a great place to display lamps and other decorative items. In open office spaces, Campfire Slim Tables are also a great way to create space definition for a lounge area.

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