From our years of experience in bringing modern office interiors to life with modern office furniture, we know clients struggle to put into words how they want their new office layouts to look.

In order to remove this hurdle for our clients, we created the Design Your Office Tool. With the click of a mouse, you can view thousands of office configurations and designs—and yes, it’s really that easy!

black modern post-Covid cubicle

Modern Open Workspaces

Open workspaces are trendy amongst our clients—and this modern office layout is only on the rise all over the world. Open office systems incorporate some or all of the following design elements: team workspaces, shared workspaces, collaborative work areas, space for large meetings/training, huddle rooms, broad main aisles, activity space, and focused workspace. Keep these components in mind while you design your modern office.

acoustic furniture open workspace

Collaborative Workspaces

Collaborative workspaces bring employees out of private, closed-door environments into an open environment designed to encourage collaboration and teamwork. You’ll find these essential layout components enrich the open workspace plan.

Modular workstations with lower partitions are a favorite for collaborative workforces because they foster interaction. The larger, common spaces are filled with collaborative, multi-use furniture that can adapt to focused projects or team activities.

Modern Executive Offices

Modern offices mean work is about more than cubicles and hierarchal divides. However, even modern office layouts need executive offices or conference rooms to meet with clients or discuss the company’s next big phase.

blue social distance conference table

Design your modern executive spaces with your company culture in mind. First, what fits? Next, what image do you want to project for clients? Lastly, how do you want to meet with new clients?

These questions will help guide you toward the right modern office furniture for your workforce’s needs.

Are you ready to transform your modern office? Use our Design Your Office Tool and get started on your company’s next great layout!


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