Repetitive Strain Injury Is A Big Deal

Repetitive Strain Injury Is a Big Deal

Don’t be fooled by seemingly harmless work tasks or poor posture. Over time, typical tasks can turn into serious repetitive strain injuries if preemptive precautions aren’t taken into consideration. Repetitive strain injuries are on the rise due to increased time spent at poorly designed workstations and hours spent slouched over. Instead of waiting for pain and discomfort from repetitive strain injuries to interfere with a successful workday, take action by investing in safer alternatives for work. 

Evaluate Your Workstation For Safety

The first step towards preventing and reducing repetitive strain injuries is to get to the root of the issue. Oftentimes, office furniture that forces you to adopt poor posture or maintain uncomfortable positions for prolonged periods is the biggest culprit. Replace any items within your workspace like desks that are too low, chairs lacking lumbar support, or keyboards that cause you to bend at the wrist. 

Upgrade Your Space With The Right Furniture

While replacing all of your office furniture may seem like a costly burden, the long-term health savings are exponential. When you invest in quality office furniture that is built to last and creates safer work habits, the cost is justified. You can always make more money, but you can’t always get your health back. By upgrading your outdated office furniture with functional designs that naturally align your body, you will have improved productivity, energy levels, and have greater enjoyment at work. 

Think Outside Of The Furniture Box

Another great way to prevent repetitive strain injuries is by upgrading your workstation with a sit-stand in desks.  These engineering marvels have transformed and redefined what makes a workspace safe. There are many advantages to utilizing a sit and stand desk in your office space like:

  • Improved circulation from greater mobility
  • Reduced back pain by slouching less
  • Increased concentration and focus
  • Burn more calories while standing
  • Prevent skin damage from sitting too long

Creating a safer workplace to prevent repetitive work injuries is worth the effort. By making minor adjustments to your space, the benefits will last a lifetime. At Queens Arts and Trends, we offer all of the office furniture in Philippines with space upgrades you’ll ever need. With state-of-the-art designs that are both functional and stylish, making your transition to a healthier lifestyle is simple. We offer styles that harmonize with every space and pricing that is perfect for any budget. 


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