10 Amazing Office Ritual Secrets You Can Use To Double Your Productivity

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Are you an office manager or owner who struggles with a seemingly endless amount of stuff on your desk?


Are you wondering if there’s a “secret trick” that will help you get more done in less time?


Well, wonder no more… because here are 10 amazing secrets that you can use to double your productivity…


Whether you work from home or in an office, these tips will help you get a tremendous amount of work done in a very short period of time.

 Did you know that the most common office design mistake is to have your workers sit too close together?

Productivity is a big deal to most people. It’s what makes or breaks a business and we all spend a huge amount of time working in our offices. When was the last time you had a productive day at work? If you’re like most people, it was probably several years ago. Today, more than ever, employees are bogged down with busywork and red tape. They have to make dozens of phone calls to get one thing done. They have to shuffle papers and fill out forms. They have to wait on hold for minutes or hours while some bureaucratic drone on the other end of the phone explains why something cannot be done. This is insane. It doesn’t have to be this way.


Here are 10 amazing secrets you can use to double your productivity…


1. Remove Visual Distractions

It’s surprising how many people struggle with eye strain because of the multitude of visual distractions in their workstation. You know what I’m talking about. If you are working on any type of project that requires your full attention and you have the option to use your phone or other handheld device for small tasks, you should not do so. The problem is, once you get used to reaching for your phone or tablet to check the time, email, or what’s going on in some social media network, it becomes nearly impossible to give 100% of your attention to a task without first checking your phone.


2. Control the Temperature

This is one of those tips that will pay off big time! Studies show that people who work in a cool environment are 31% more productive than people who work in a warm environment. It’s vital to your productivity and stress levels that you control the temperature where you work.

This is one of the most important psychological principles for creating a great environment in your workplace. If the temperature in your office is too warm or too cold, you are either uncomfortable or energized, which affects the quality of your work. Ideally, the temperature in your office is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Any higher than that and you’ll begin to lose productivity. Any lower and you’ll begin to experience health problems. Research shows that a 4-degree change in temperature makes a significant difference in the quality of your work.


3. Maximize Natural Light

According to a study by the National Institutes of Health, people who spent eight hours a day in natural light were 30% less likely to be diagnosed with depression and 60% less likely to experience symptoms of the condition. And yet, many of us avoid natural sunlight like the plague. We slather on sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and stay inside as much as possible. But that’s crazy! If you want to grow and thrive, you must embrace natural sunlight. Use it as much as possible, even on cloudy days. Open your blinds and let some sunshine into your office. Take a walk during your lunch break or after work. You’ll feel better, have more energy, and be a better leader because of it.

If you want your workers to be more productive, consider installing some type of lighting that mimics daylight. Not only will this improve the quality of your employees’ lives (and thus increase their happiness) it will also boost their output. Daylight triggers our circadian rhythms which helps us wake up and get going each day.


4. Arrange Your Desk & Work Surroundings According To “Psychological Pecking Orders”

This principle on this list is less well-known but, is just as important: arrange your work environment, including your desk and work area, in such a way as to make it easy and natural to make the decisions you need to make. For example, if you need to get a file, you should have an obvious and easy path to your files that doesn’t require you to make any kind of decision or judgment about whether what you’re looking for is there or not.

What you arrange around you impacts your mindset and the quality of your work. In general, the order in which you arrange things in your office should be based on how desirable those things are to you and your team. Those things that are most desirable should be placed closest to you. Those that are less desirable should be placed further away.


5. Manage Your Energy Levels

Most people who are highly creative are also very high energy. But, there comes a time when that energy has to be re-directed elsewhere. The problem is, many of us don’t really know how to do that. That’s why the best creative types learn to manage their energy so they can continue to do what they do best. Here’s how to manage it: make a conscious effort to only focus on the tasks at hand for a given period of time

Another important consideration is managing one’s energy levels at the office. This is a crucial part of any successful entrepreneur’s life. Constant high-energy output is required to keep the ship afloat and moving forward. However, constant high-energy output for an extended period of time will deplete one’s personal tank of energy. When this happens, it will affect your work and ability to deal with stress. Make sure you get enough sleep (at least 7 hours per night) and take breaks every 2-hours to walk around the block or go to the water cooler and sip some coffee. You’ll be a more productive and effective entrepreneur and human being.

6. Eat More Healthfully (Really!)

This point was inspired by a study done at the University of Texas in Austin. Apparently, people who eat more healthfully at work tend to be more productive and experience less stress and illness. The study authors theorized that this is because eating well boosts people’s energy levels, reduces feelings of fatigue, and can even enhance problem solving. So the next time you find yourself getting hungry at your desk, just remember that it might be helpful to your overall productivity if you go get a little something to eat.

The researchers found that people who ate more fruits and vegetables were less likely to be stressed out and had a more positive outlook on life.


7. Reduce Noise Pollution In And Around Your Office

Noise pollution is very real and extremely dangerous. It can cause drowsiness, lower your immune system, aggravate headaches, and increase your stress level. If you are exposed to too much noise pollution, it can literally affect your health. That’s why it’s so important to eliminate it where you work.

Keep music at a low volume until you are ready to begin working. Studies show that people who work in extremely quiet settings have increased productivity levels. However, if you turn up the radio or music too loud, you will notice a significant drop in your energy level and a sharp decline in your ability to focus. If this happens to you during the work day, ask someone to adjust the volume for you or simply unplug the headphones.


8. Automate Tasks That Can Be Automated

In today’s workplace, people are pressed for time and expected to do more with less. A study by the Aberdeen Group found that 90% of employees feel they don’t have enough time to do their jobs properly. That’s a big deal. If you want to get more done in a day, you have to get it done faster. And the way to do that is to eliminate or automate the things that are not core to the job at hand.


9. Hire Yourself A Great Assistant

If you can afford it, you should hire yourself a great assistant who will free your time up to do the things that will increase your personal or business productivity. This person should be organized, detail oriented, and able to work independently. They should also be honest and trustworthy. Do your research before you decide on someone who will work for you. Look for someone with these same qualities you have. Someone with “star quality” you can trust implicitly.


10. Give Yourself A Break!

One of the biggest productivity killers in the workplace is stress. Take a break often to avoid getting burnt out. Schedule some one-on-one time with your kids. Take a walk during your lunch hour. Go to the gym after work. Exercise is good for the soul and the body.


In conclusion, there are so many ways to be more productive. However, these ten secrets will get you started on the right foot… and… they are simple and easy to implement. Most of these secrets have a positive impact on all areas of your life: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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