Why Choose E1 and Moisture Resistant board?

The furniture made of this material will be safer and have a lifespan of 10 years.

Wood is a material used in many parts of the office. It contains particles that are bound together by adhesives like glue. These glues are made from formaldehyde-based resins, which are commonly found in particle boards and plywood.

Formaldehyde is a reactive compound that has several technical and chemical applications. It is used in the manufacture of wood adhesives and can cause cancer to live tissues. It can cause cancer when inhaled over a long period of time or when it comes into direct contact with human skin.

To reduce formaldehyde emission, many countries have set a limit on the amount of formaldehyde that can be emitted from wood-based panels.

In 2000, the European Panel Industry set a series of standards to regulate the emission of formaldehyde from wood-based panels.

Accordingly, depending upon the amount of formaldehyde emitted by these panels, they are commonly classified into two different grades – E1 or E2.
The level of formaldehyde emission equal or less than 0.07 ppm is considered safe by the European regulatory authority.

This standard should be a considerable matter of concern for all because it has a strong impact on the health of the end consumers. It is therefore essential that any furniture you purchase is crafted with materials that are E1-certified and compatible with this standard.

Best Quality

Office furniture is meant to be sturdy, reliable and long lasting. However, most office furniture today is built from lower grade MFC or MDF boards.

These lower grade MFC or MDF boards are made with wood pulp that reacts to water or moisture by swelling.

This can warp or twist the furniture, thus affecting its quality of your office furniture. This can be frustrating for offices who want their business to appear more professional.

Office furniture that is made from low quality or low grade boards don’t last as long as expected, which is frustrating for both employees and business owners which may affect business productivity and growth.

E1 board is specially treated with a high-end technology moisture resistant resin to prevent swelling, penetration of water and other factors, making your furniture long lasting and better choice for your commercial office furniture.
We chose E1 grade boards to make our furniture because it is the strongest and most durable.

Your office furniture is an investment, which is why we take its protection seriously.

We don’t want our customers to have to buy new furniture in less than 5 years E1 grade is more expensive than MFC or MDF board. However, we feel that you deserve better furniture, and will be willing to pay the price premium for a safe, durable and long lasting piece of furniture.