Office Partitions On – 15


Office Partition for 2 pax with division for meeting room
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45mm thk. aluminum trims in Customize Powder coated fin.
3 tone Full fabric finish
(6) 1400mm L x 1200mm Ht.
(1) 600mm L x 1200mm Ht.
(2) 450mm L x 1200mm Ht.
L type Table Top: 25mm thick E1 board Laminated fin. in 2mm pvc edge band Machine Pressed
(2) Main table: 1400mm L x 600mm D x Side: 1400mm L x 450mm D x 750mm Ht
Bracketed on Partition with (4) round tube metal leg support in powder coated finish
With 1 grommet each staff
Meeting table at left part, Chair and mobile pedestal  cabinet quoted separately