How Would You Make Your Employee’s Cubicles More Special?

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Office cubicles can be fun. Office cubicles can be entertaining and they can be the tiny home away from home but this is only possible when you take your office furniture and their placement seriously. There has to be a touch of “you” to it all.

A lot of companies in the Philippines have begun to prefer office partitions and cubicles to ensure complete supervision and uninterrupted workflow. But only a handful of organizations are able to actually pull this off successfully and utilize cubicles completely. Needless to mention, a cubicle style office lets you manage your staff more efficiently but only when you do the following without fail.

Clutter Free Cubicle Is The Ideal Cubicle
When investing in a cubicle style office you need to educate your staff and personnel about the basic etiquette of working in a cubicle. Keeping the cubicle space neat, in order and organized is not just beneficial for the user but for the entire team. It is not distracting and helps in boosting efficiency. A clean and tidy cubicle inspires ideas and encourages the user to be more productive.

Cable Management System
If you want to make your office furniture or cubicle partitions more useful you need to take measures to prevent trips and falls across the office floor. This can only be done when you have employed an efficient cable management system that properly conceals and controls all your wires, cables and chords. There should be no twists or ties visible across your office floor or peeking out of the corners of the cubicle.

Electrical Issues Should Stand Corrected
Your cubicles will also contain a lot of plugs, power points and safety switches and also controls for the lights and fans and air conditioners and several other electronic items. These when not handled carefully can create a lot of safety hazards for the user. Therefore, it becomes important that you educate your employees and associates about general electrical safety tips and precautions and also monitor all electronic gadgets, switches and boards regularly. Every power outlet should have insulation and proper protective gear to make sure that there are no hazards with them in the cubicle.

Following Are A Few Items That Would Make Your Cubicles Even More Productive
· A six pack of cable clips that will come in handy while managing paperwork and also tidy up any lurking wires
· A time-marked water bottle that lets the user keep themselves hydrated all day long
· Power bank or a separate charging port for the users phones
· Personal humidifier or heater to keep the user comfortable in case of unexpected weather changes
· Lunch box area or compartment

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