Executive Table Eq – 18


Customize Executive Office Table
  • The Executive Table Eq – 18 is a modern, versatile and functional furniture piece. The table offers an elegant and chic way to organize your work area.
  • The Executive Table Eq – 18 is a versatile office solution. With a main table of 2000mm length by 800mm width by 750mm height and a side cabinet off 1450mm length by 450mm depth by 750mm height, you can use this unit as a modern addition to your office with added functionality and design.
  • This table is perfect for permanent placement in your office because of its well-built construction and durability that also features a 3 drawer cabinet with central lock mechanism and 2 sliding doors with lock and keys.
  • The Executive Table Eq – 18 is a beautiful and functional piece of furniture which will make a stunning addition to your office, available in 100 plus swatch option to fit your decor and to add a personalized touch.
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