Office Table St – 05


Customize Office Table
  • The Office Table St – 03 is the perfect addition to any office space, with its spacious 1200mm L x 600mm D x 750mm Ht main table and 1200mm L x 450mm D x 750mm Ht side table.
  • St – 05 also comes in 9 color options to tailor-fit your needs.
  • The Office Table St – 05 is a practical, stylish, and functional option for your office. With its minimalist design, this table has the perfect mix of functionality and aesthetic appeal.
  • This is a modern, minimalist design that would fit well in any office. It could be used in any office setting and comes with 3 drawers and grommet for easy cable management, perfect for desks that need a little extra space around it.
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