Operable Wall Partitions Opw 01

Customize in length and height
1. Operable Wall
92mm thk. (900mm Min. width) (1200mm max width)
Hinges- SOSS or stainless steel butterfly for door panel
Aluminum Track- 4.5mm x x78m x 80mm (Satin fin)
Aluminum Jamb Frame- 1.2mm x 62mm alum. Profile
powder coated fin. Satin fin.
Alum. Cope board- 45mm both top and bottom 
powder coated fin. Satin fin.
Carrier System- 2 glider rollers for Alum. Track
Panel Insulation- 60 kg/cm3 density rockwood insulation
Mechanical Cranking Seal- Manually operated retractable top and bottom seal panel
End Panel Closire- Rotable type or telescopic element to seal the gap
bet. Wall attachement and the last panel
Sound Transmission Class- 48-55 DB
Laminated fin.
Flush pull handle Nippon
With installation of Over head support
Door is Optional not yet included.