How To Make Your Office More Productive With An Acoustical Panel Office Partition

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It seems like everyone is looking for a way to increase productivity. But there are some simple, low-cost techniques that can dramatically improve your office productivity—without cutting any corners.

If you work in an open office environment, you’re already aware of the problems created by the constant chatter and clatter of hundreds of people typing on keyboards, telephones ringing, people talking and all the other distractions that seem to permeate every square inch of the workspace.

What if there was a way to increase your productivity… without changing a single thing about your work environment? What if there was a simple, low-cost office partitioning solution that could dramatically improve your workflow… and enable you to get more work done… in less time? That’s exactly what the acoustic panel office partition system does. Simply put, it works like this: You put an acoustical panel partition (it’s easy to install) in the middle of your office table. It have sound absorbing qualities that can minimize noise in your work area.

Most people who walk into an office where there is an acoustic panel partition immediately sense a difference. They feel a calmer, more peaceful atmosphere. But, what is the real difference and, how can you use this difference to boost your productivity?


1. What is acoustic office panel partition?

Acoustic office panels are simply sound-absorbing panels that you can use to partition off individual work areas in an office. They work by absorbing the sounds that would otherwise be disruptive to those nearby. And while acoustic office panels are most often used in the workplace, they are also used in other settings where there is a need to control the volume of certain types of conversations. This is especially true in the office, where employees have a need to communicate but also need to maintain a semblance of privacy.


2. How It Works

Acoustic panels are made out of compressed mineral wool or foam. They absorb sound waves to reduce general noise, make speech clearer and limit reverberation in walls. By using acoustic panels, you “clean up” the area so you can hear a lecturer clearly, listen to beautiful music or capture something with crystal clarity.

These sound absorbing panels work by converting sound waves into heat energy. This causes vibration of the panels themselves, which creates friction among the fibers or pores. This friction quickly reaches a point where enough friction is created for the conversion of sound energy to kinetic (heat) energy, which is simply the energy of an object in motion. Since kinetic energy can’t be contained, it dissipates quickly, leaving no sound waves and, naturally, no sound.


3. Why should you use it?

Acoustic Office Panels are designed to muffle outside noise and distractions, making your employees more productive and less error prone. Research shows that when people have to listen to the sounds of cars honking, telephones ringing, people talking on the phone, or even someone running a vacuum cleaner or a leaf blower, they are 52% more likely to make a mistake than when there is no background noise. In fact, studies show that background noise cuts cognitive efficiency in half.

Soundproofing panels are used to reduce noise from all kinds of different sources. They’re very durable, and if installed properly, will last for years. Plus, they’re ideal in a variety of spaces.


4. Where to Get It

Queens Arts and Trends customizes, supplies and installs acoustic panel boards to office partitions. We deliver anywhere in the Philippines

In conclusion, The best solution for acoustical problems in the office space is to use acoustic panels (also called soundproofing panels or soundproofing tiles). They are designed to create the illusion of an open office space but block out sound, so they provide a way to turn an “open plan” into a “private office space.”


Learn how an office partition from Queens Arts and Trends can boost productivity by blocking sound from distracting workers and enhancing communication by creating quiet zones.

You may be able to reduce noise pollution and gain a quiet work environment, even in large open offices with high ceilings.

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