5 Things Your Office Needs to Get Healthy and Productive

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We all know that a healthy and productive office is one of the best things for business. However, it can be hard to get started with your office renovation project if you don’t know where to begin. You might be thinking about getting ergonomic chairs, upgrading your lighting or even getting some standing desks installed in the office but what else should be on your list? Well I’ve got some great news! There are many ways that you can improve the health of your employees through simple changes like adding plants to offices or installing storage units in common areas. Here are five things that every office needs in order to stay productive while also getting healthier:

1. Office furniture made with E1 Boards

Wood is a material used in many parts of the office, including desks and chairs. It contains particles that are bound together by adhesives like glue. These glues are made from formaldehyde-based resins, which are commonly found in particle boards and plywood.
Formaldehyde is a chemical that can cause cancer when inhaled over a long period of time or when it comes into direct contact with human skin.
To reduce emission of Formaldehyde from wood based panels, many countries have set a limit on the amount of formaldehyde that can be emitted from wood-based panels. In 2000, E1 rated European Panel Industry set standards to regulate the emission of formaldehyde from wood-based panels.
This E1 rating should be a considerable matter of concern for all because it has a strong impact on you and your health. It is therefore essential that any furniture you purchase is crafted with materials that are E1 rated and compatible with this standard.

2. Plants

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If you’re interested in getting healthier at work but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. There are many ways that plants can improve the health of your office environment and the productivity of your employees. Here are five important benefits:
• Plants can improve air quality by removing indoor pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and benzene from the air.
• They can reduce stress by regulating the hormone cortisol that is released when confronted with stressful situations or emotions.
• Planting indoor plants will help reduce fatigue by improving concentration and mental health; this in turn helps with overall well being which leads to better quality of life!

3. Storage

Executive table, L shaped desk, office table, office furniture

It’s easy to forget about storage, but it’s an important part of your office. With the right storage solutions in place, you can keep your workplace tidy and organized. This will help you find things when you need them, which means less wasted time looking for misplaced items and more time focused on what really matters. Organized workspaces also make workplaces safer and cleaner by providing a safe space to store hazardous materials like chemicals or old equipment no longer in use.
If you’re not sure how much storage space is right for your company, there are several ways to determine how much room could be useful:

4. Lighting

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As a business owner, you know that light has an effect on the way your space feels. In the same way that certain music can make people feel happy or sad, light can affect your employees’ mood and productivity levels. If your office doesn’t get enough natural light, it may feel dark and gloomy during the day.
Not only does natural lighting help keep you productive as an employee but it also helps with health issues such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). “Natural lighting is good for our circadian rhythm,” says Dr. John Grohol of SAD-LIGHTENING LIGHT THERAPY. “It’s important not just for mental well being but physical health too.”

5. Ergonomic chairs and desks

Executive table, L shaped desk, office table, office furniture

No one’s saying it’s not great to have an ergonomic chair and desk at home, but you’ll want to take it a step further in your office. Ergonomic furniture is designed to support the natural curves of your body and reduce stress on joints, muscles, and bones. This can help prevent back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), and other injuries caused by long hours at a desk or job site.
Ergonomic chairs are available at most office supply stores these days—you can even find them online! You’ll also find ergonomically friendly desks with adjustable height settings that accommodate people of various heights. Some even include built-in keyboard trays or shelves for holding laptops or tablets while they’re being used as part of everyday tasks like emailing coworkers. Good furniture can help you maintain good health
Having the right office furniture can help you maintain good health. It can help you avoid back pain, muscle pain, eye strain and neck pain.

A great office chair is one of the best investments for an office worker as it will pay for itself with time saved from not having to visit a chiropractor or massage therapist as often. A good ergonomic office chair ensures that your back remains in a neutral position throughout the day. This means that there are no unnecessary curves or bends that could cause strain on certain muscles which leads to pain in some form or another (carpal tunnel syndrome).
An ergonomic desk allows you to sit comfortably without compromising on productivity – giving you more time to focus on work instead of trying not to fall asleep at your desk!

It’s important to remember that being healthy isn’t just about exercising and eating right; it also involves having a positive mental state, which can be achieved with the right furniture. When you’re working in your office, try out some new pieces and see how they affect your productivity levels!

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